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in a crazy world

“Grow fast or die slow”

McKinsey, April 2014

We largely agree. But not all growth is good growth.


  • Growth should be profitable, at least at some foreseeable point in the future
  • Growth should be sustainable, at least for some foreseeable time
  • Growth should be based on genuinely and authentically providing value to customers
  • Growth should offer a good return on the investment required to achieve it


This kind of quality growth we like to call “thrive”.

So 3D would prefer to say:

“Thrive fast or die soon”

3D, August 2016

Not all companies are ready to thrive


Dissatisfied with current rate
and quality of growth

Truly believe in better before cheaper

Have a scalable and (at some point) profitable business model


Have big aspirations for growth and a willingness  to invest to achieve it

But even for these companies, thriving is tough in a crazy world

  • Digital technologies mean that customers have more knowledge, choice and power than ever before. The way customers want to be engaged with is being totally transformed.
  • On top of this, competitors seem to come from anywhere and everywhere – industries are being wholly disrupted at an alarming rate
  • To stay ahead and thrive, companies must respond with rapid proposition development and superior customer engagement. Both require investment for growth.

This therefore defines the battleground:
can a business invest for growth more effectively than its competitors?

On the surface the formula is very simple


Make growth investments (£/$)


Acquire customers, retain and grow them.

Maximise Return on Growth Investments (ROGI)




distinct, relevant and more valuable proposition than others




Prioritise and execute superior

customer engagement




Measure and improve the return on growth investments





Focus on attractive markets, and understand them better than others






But most businesses
fall down along the way

They squander their growth investment,
often in many of the following ways

  1. Trying to grow on too many fronts
  2. Lacking insight on customer needs
  3. Not having a compelling and distinct story to tell
  4. Lacking relevant and valuable content for customers
  5. Having an unclear growth strategy and investment case
  6. Wasting money on ineffective and disjointed marketing and selling
  7. Missing important skills, knowledge and confidence
  8. Lacking ability to measure and improve on growth investments

This is why we developed
the 3D growth system



customer insight







But don’t take our word for it

The co-founders and directors

Jamie Hershon

United Kingdom

Jamie loves solving business puzzles. In particular, those that help good companies discover, or re-discover, their mojo. He is passionate about the power of data-driven insight to show the way.


He has a business degree from Warwick (UK), and a MBA from Kellogg (US). Plus experience as an entrepreneur, leader or advisor with over 60 ambitious businesses. These range from tech start-ups, to mid market engineering companies, to large retail brands, to global banks and a lot in between.


Jamie now lives near London with his Kiwi wife, two boys, energetic dog, mountain bike and skis.

+44 7539 712 129

Jeremy has heaps of customer engagement design and implementation experience. He started his career with IBM, where he learnt the art of collaborative problem solving with executives.


For the last 25 years Jeremy has helped more than 50 companies maximise their ROI in revenue growth projects. From the top of the funnel using digital to create interest and educate prospects, to the bottom of the funnel helping sales people problem solve and close deals. He is an expert designer and facilitator of customer centric strategies.


Jeremy lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife. He has two daughters at school, a son at Uni, a labrador, a cat, surfboards and skis.

+64 274 755 477

Jeremy Moore

New Zealand

Paul Roberts

Customer insight specialist

Paul’s career has been spent helping organisations around the world to achieve customer & revenue growth by improving customer experiences. The ‘secret’ to their success has been adopting an ‘outside-in’ perspective; seeing their world from the customers’ point of view. He has worked with sports, banking, telecoms and energy companies in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

He lives in the UK with his wife and daughter and when he has time Paul is an avid sports photographer.

3D’s growth formula includes blending both digital and traditional customer communications. 3D works closely with Uprise, a leading digital performance agency to deliver digital strategy and execution.

For more information about Uprise check out their website

Uprise demand better digital. They know marketing dollars are precious. They’re redefining what a digital agency should do: standing up for better, provable digital marketing results. They act like marketers. They think like geeks.

Sarah Holmwood

Client Service

Sarah is all about ensuring clients receive the best - the best strategy, the best creative and the best account management – and she delivers.

She’s worked collaboratively with some of New Zealand’slargest rural companies ensuring their success – Ballance AgriNutrients, Westpac (Rural), Livestock Improvement Corporation and MSD Animal Health.

Sarah lives in Wellington with her 16 year old son – the very reason she gives it her best every day.

Caroline Sarfati


There’s an art to successful interviewing. Caroline’s a talented people person – brilliant at making her interview subjects feel at ease while digging deep to discover what matters to them.

When not conducting research for 3D, you can find Caroline possum trapping in the Rimutaka Forest, running around Wellington’s south coast with her chocolate Labrador Chilli or enjoying watching her children grow.

Nicole Zukerman

Researcher and Analyst

Nicole is adept at sourcing highly useful and relevant information and making real sense of it. It is her combination of curiosity, tenacity and top-notch organisation skills that make her particularly effective.

Living in the UK, she has worked across a wide range of sectors in four different countries over 20 years, giving a great sense of perspective and commercial astuteness.

Nicole is married with 2 children and a furry friend, meaning that long country walks are a necessary but highly enjoyable weekend pursuit.

Jo Halstead

Art direction

Jo is meticulous – her attention to detail with creating artwork and ensuring final output is to the highest standard. She has worked in the design industry for over 25 years, and has huge experience across art direction work.

Jo has worked for Wellington companies Designworks and Icebreaker, working on a wide range of brands including Kiwibank, Contact Energy, Icebreaker, L’Affare, to name a few.

Jo is married with 2 children, who keep her busy - she is a passionate supporter of their sports and spends most weekends on the sidelines watching either cricket, rugby or hockey.

Charlotte Wright


With a masters degree in the psychology of advertising, Charlotte gets to the core of the target audience before tailoring messages to them. Charlotte has a background in marketing, communications and business development so knows how valuable copy is for promoting businesses.

When she's not working she's a big foodie and loves to travel.

only one in ten businesses thrive be that one

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